The InterCulture Research Institute at the University of Ottawa has changed over the years. We are now a research group at the university, but no longer initiate research projects and no longer accept Associate Researchers into the group.

Many of us are still active, however, and are working at the Network on Culture, an independent organization which grew out of InterCulture, is welcoming new members, and may be found at the following website

As a result (and as you may have guessed), the InterCulture website at the University of Ottawa is no longer active. The InterCulture website will still exist as an archive and for information purposes. The InterCulture email account is going to close at the end of June 2020. It will not be checked and messages will not be forwarded after June 30, 2020. To contact scholars who were active with the InterCulture Research Institute and who may still be active with our "child" we invite you to visit

Over the years, our members, Associate Researchers and students have met and collaborated with many outstanding scholars through workshops, conferences and publications. Thank you to all who have been involved with the InterCulture Research Institute and who have shared in our work; your contributions have been valued and have contributed to shaping our new projects at the Network on Culture.

Take care!

Marie-Françoise Guédon
Director of InterCulture
University of Ottawa